The only way you haven’t heard of Pokémon GO this week, is if you were living under a rock (that wasn’t near a gym or PokéStop).

For businesses looking to cash in on all of this new foot traffic, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas and put them in one spot. First things, first, you will need to get to know the game a bit – so here are some of the basics.

Thanks to Niantic who launched Pokémon GO in July, gamers are swarming the streets to collect Pokémon. The game uses the GPS tracking device on your phone to detect where and when Pokémon appear. When they appear, you will use your Pokéballs to catch them. Send them soaring through the air (with a quick thumb swipe) and try to hit the target. If you catch it, you will be able to keep it as a weapon later. Here are some terms to know:

Gyms are locations where players can go to battle the Pokémon of rival teams. You can also visit gyms (owned by your team) to train your Pokémon by battling against the Pokémon assigned there by other members of your team.

Incense is used to attract Pokémon to your location because of its smell. When you first log-on you are given two, but you can also buy incense for 80 poke coins.

Lure Modules
Lure Modules are like incense only stronger. All players can see a Lure Module and everyone can take advantage of one that has been activated.

Poké Coins
PokéCoins are used as currency in the game. Players (or “Trainers” as they’re called in the game) can exchange coins for items in the shop. You can also purchase Poké Coins in the shop.

PokéStops are pre-determined locations where you can gather items like Pokéballs, Eggs and Potions.

Now that you know some of the basics, here is a step-by-step guide on how you might be able to cash-in on this new craze.

1. Download the “Pokémon Go” app on your SmartPhone
2. Create a “trainer” (customize)
3. Open the game at your businesses location
4. See if you are next to (or if you are – big score) a PokéStop
Note: you can see these on your screen as large platforms with a blue square on top – they are clickable to the landmark
5. Check to see if your business is close to a gym, those are larger platforms that usually have Pokémon on top of them.

Once you know the lay of the land, you can take advantage of your location. Here are some ideas, based on your location in the game.

If you are a PokéStop…

Congratulations! Being a coveted PokéStop could afford you more opportunities in the game. Think about when there might be the most amount of foot traffic in your vicinity and then use a “lure module” as a way to get more gamers to come into your store. You can even advertise on social media that you’ll be doing this – at a certain time.

You can buy the lure module in the Pokémon shop and then use it during peak traffic hours. People playing the game will be able to see the lure and will be enticed to come hang out at your location to catch Pokémon.

If you are close to a gym…
Caveat: you have to play the game until you reach Level 5 to be added to a team yourself, so that you can see which teams own each gym. Once you hit that level, you will have more access to the gym information and can create marketing or sidewalk signs that offer incentive to the winning teams.

These are just a few immediate ways to start leveraging the foot traffic of the game. If you are ready to jump onto the Pokémon bandwagon, but don’t know where to start, give us a shout and our team at IOVMedia would be happy to help you.