Google Plus - Google Mail

Recently, Google announced that in the spirit of further integration of their platforms, they will allow you to send emails to people who you are connected to on Google+ even if you don’t have their email address.

This comes on the heels of YouTube focusing users to link their Google Plus account in order to make comments on videos.

As you can imagine, Edward Snowden is laughing in someone’s private dacha right now saying “I told you so” in Russian.

The good news in all of this is that you are able to opt-out of this capability with a few clicks of a button.  Let me show you how cause I’ve already done it.

Step One: Love into your Gmail account.  Duh.

Step Two: In the upper right hand corner, there is a cog wheel, click on it and select “settings”



Step Three: On the settings page, scroll down until you see the section with the header “Email via Google+” and you’ll see it automatically set to “Anyone on Google+”  Click on the drop down and select what level of access you want.


Step Four: Save.

That’s it.

Hopefully, this is stave off random solicitations and communications from people you don’t know and allow you to continue to grow your network on Google Plus.