For many years LinkedIn was known just as a networking or recruitment site for business professionals. However in recent months it has introduced features that have created a sort of business migration frenzy. With over 200 million registered users businesses are quickly realizing the customer acquisition opportunities.




As your Chicago social media provider we are constantly looking for the next big thing to bring to our clients. It is our belief that LinkedIn should be the cornerstone platform for every B2B marketing strategy. In order to get you off the ground we’d like to introduce 5 ways you can use LinkedIn to improve your LinkedIn marketing.

1. Actively Use Your Company Page

You probably already have a company page on LinkedIn; however if you don’t you can find clear directions here. The company page is more than just a brochure it allows you to:

Build a customer following

Promote your products and services

Empower your employees to be brand advocates

Produce targeted status updates

2. Share Content That Adds Value

As with all of your content marketing, sharing interesting valuable content ensures its shareability and helps build your authority within your respective industry. Additionally by sharing content regularly and keeping it varied helps ensure that your customers don’t get bored.

3. Ask For Recommendations

It may seem obvious but asking people to recommend you or your company on LinkedIn is another great way to build authority in your vertical market. Recommendations are still one of the most powerful ways to establish your credibility.

4. Join Groups

Where do your customers hang out? Join groups where your customers are present and try to be a helpful member of the group and respond to questions. This isn’t something that is done overnight. By creating a schedule you can be sure that you don’t over commit yourself.

5. Listen And Participate

Often overlooked in social media is the aspect of being “social.” It is imperative that you listen and participate in the groups you’ve decided to focus on.