Searchmetrics’ 2013 white paper “SEO Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation 2013” outlines an intense study on key factors that affect a website’s search rankings. And guess what they found…it really does pay to be social. Below are the key factors in order of importance.


Here’s a summary some of their key findings:

  1. There’s a strong correlation between social signals and search. They found a strong correlation between a company’s “social signals” and their website ranking. So, the more a company was mentioned, tweeted, shared, liked or +1’ed – the higher their search ranking.
    For a platform like Facebook, social signals that would impact search would be things like a company’s total number of shares, likes and comments. For Twitter it would be the average number of Tweets.
  2. Google+ or go home. Google+ has continued to be a significant factor in search rankings. So, getting +1s are very important. So, it’s now more important than ever to think about adding the ability to +1 your website content.
  1. There’s still grey area. The study stated that they’re still not 100% sure about the extent to which social signals affect ranking. But they do acknowledge that the websites that are ranking well have a greater number of social signals than those with worse rankings.
  2. You could rank with social support alone. Searchmetrics conducted a sub-study that looked at how much influence social signals could have on a study release. They found:

“Indexing only through social signals, without presence of any internal or external links, is possible” 

Which again supports the power of social media as a key influencer of search ranking. To read more about their findings you can view the complete study.

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