With Facebook’s new Insights release, we (as page owners) now have better access into information about who is talking about our brand. Case in point, you can now view the number of people ‘Talking about this’ (AKA your page) on the left side of your business page. Not only that, Facebook also allows you to drill down into the who, what, when and whys of the conversations about your brand.

As a social media company, we’re always asking the question – how do you get people to talk about your brand? Let’s dive into a few true-blue ways that have worked for our clients.

  1. Run a promotion:  Contests and giveaways that encourages people to share, like or vote for something is a good way to seed conversation. Just remember to use an approved 3rd party platform.
  2. Cross-promote:  Team up with other businesses in your community (with big followings) and run a cross-promotion. Give away prizes purchased from a local business and then be sure to let them in on the giveaway details. Local companies will almost always be willing to post or share the contest/giveaway with their followers.
  3. Use Facebook ‘As Page’: For 10-15 minutes per week, use Facebook as your page and interact with other pages on Facebook. Be strategic and think about interacting with pages that have the same target market as you do.

When trying to start a conversation online, always be cognizant of your target audience to make sure you tailor the message toward them. Before long you’ll see people ‘talking about this’ steadily increase.