Facebook recently updated their page ‘insights’ module in efforts to give page owners a better breakdown of how fans interact with their brand. Here’s a run-down of the changes and how they can help you get and engage fans.

1.   Able to track how posts affect your reach and increase conversations about your brand.

Purple bubbles are now display on the x-axis to represent your posts, so you can see how the posts increased ‘people talking about this’ (or your brand) and ‘weekly total reach’ (the number of people who have seen a message from your page).

2.   Figure out which posts were more ‘viral’.

The last column is new and basically rates how ‘viral’ each post was. Here’s how they calculate this:

“The percentage of people who have created a story from your page post out of the unique people who have seen it.”

 By understanding which posts had the most virality, you can structure your next campaign with that understanding.


3.   How people are ‘sharing’ your brand

A new section called, ‘talking about this’ helps you breakdown how people are sharing your brand and who is sharing your brand. This will help you to identify who you should be targeting with your next campaign and how you should request that they share your messages in order to increase the virality of your campaign. There is also a new section called ‘check-ins’ that allows you to drill-down into the fans that are sharing your page via mobile check-ins.

Not only is the new Facebook insight module more real-time, it provides valuable ways for you to research the habits of your existing fans, in order to build a campaign that will increase your page engagement and fan-base.