Recent Facebook changes have made both users and businesses alike cringe when it comes to privacy. Learn how you can protect yourself by considering the following tips when it comes to ensuring your Facebook privacy:1.  Check ALL of your privacy settings. This menu (see image) lets you determine who can look up your name and contact info, send you friend requests, and more. This is the ultimate way to control your Facebook privacy. Comb through each section, taking care to set each category for the appropriate viewing audience. You can get to your privacy settings by logging into your Facebook account and then clicking on the ‘home’ menu in your tool bar.

2.  Block apps from sharing the media you view. Go to Facebook’s ‘account settings’ page through the ‘Home’ menu for apps and edit settings specific to that app. You can set the option, “Who can see posts and activity from this app?” to a mixture of viewing choices. Some new apps automatically stream all your activities, so pay careful attention! Though this can make social media marketing fun, it’s good to keep close tabs on app permissions.

3.  Control your @tags. If you want to review photos and posts that you’ve been tagged in before they go public, then click on the “How Tags Work” section in your privacy settings.

4.  Remove your name from Facebook Ads. Facebook uses your name and image in ads targeting your friends. Block this feature under account settings to remove use of your profile in the ads.

Facebook’s new changes does make it easy to change your privacy settings, though frequent review of these settings is recommended. Lastly, if you have any doubts about what your page might look like, take advantage of the “View Profile As” feature on the top-right of your screen.